Welcome to Michigan Goat Milk Soap at Sunshine Meadows Farm! We are a small family farm in Michigan, raising dairy goats, chickens, turkeys and alpacas. We also grow a sizable organic garden each year and harvest herbs for use in our hand-crafted soaps.

Hand made soaps, unlike detergent bars found in stores, use a combination of fats, oils, liquid and lye for a basic, natural bar of soap. All of our soaps are hand made in small batches with food grade oils (no animal fats), essential oils or fragrance oils. We strive to use as many ORGANIC INGREDIENTS in our soaps and other products as we can, without making the product out of the reach of our customers.  Unless otherwise indicated, our soaps are made with 100% goat's milk, from our small on farm herd of nubians and lamanchas! 

We ship throughout the U.S and also offer all items on Farm, by appointment. Please contact us.

New Products For November

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